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About studies at the Faculty of Biological Sciences

The courses offered are both diverse and international. Biologists, biochemists and nutritionists will be trained in single-subject bachelor's degrees in cooperation with other departments, for example Bioinformatics (Department of Mathematics and computer science) and Biogeosciences (Chemistry and Earth Sciences). The complementary subjects Bioscience and the History of Science may be combined in multi-subject Bachelor's degrees (Bachelor of Arts) with a core subject in the humanities disciplines, including Law, History or Philosophy. Building on the bachelor's degree programs, there is a wide range of consecutive and non-consecutive master's degree programs (Master of Science) in all subjects.

Pharmacists and biology teachers for mainstream schools and colleges complete their studies with a state examination. Many combinations are possible in the modular teacher training courses for the 'Jena model', including Chemistry, Geography, Sports, or German. The four-year academic program for Pharmacy concludes with the 2nd state examination and medical licensing, however postgraduate studies are also possible.