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Responsible professors/ academic advisors of degree programmes at the Faculty of Biological Sciences


Degree programmes and subject

Responsible professor/ academic advisor

Bachelor complementary subjects (60 LP)


Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. Frank Hellwig

History of Natural Sciences

Dr. Thomas Bach

Bachelor (B.Sc.)


Biochemistry / Molecular Biology

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Heinzel


Prof. Dr. Ralf Oelmüller

Nutritional Sciences

Prof. Dr. Anna Kipp

Master (M.Sc.)



Prof. Dr. Berit Jungnickel

Evolution, Ecology and Systematics

Prof. Dr. Stefan Halle

History of Natural Sciences

Dr. Thomas Bach


Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe

Molecular Life Sciences

Prof. Dr. Maria Mittag

Molecular Nutrition

Prof. Dr. Lars-Oliver Klotz

State examination degree programme


Teaching degree Biology "Jenaer Modell"  (LG, LR)

apl. Prof. Dr. Uwe Hoßfeld


PD Dr. Andreas Seeling